HFC Refrigeration Phase Out

In the 1980’s concerns over the use of CFC refrigerants emerged and this was followed by similar issues concerning HCFC’s. Both of these refrigerant groups have been banned and HFC’s such as R404A / R507 became the refrigerant of choice for many people.

Under the 2014 EU F-gas regulation (517/2014), which came into force on the 1st January 2015, restrictions in the use of certain HFC’s have also been introduced with a phase-out schedule that will reduce the supply of these refrigerants in 2030 to just 21% of the available level in 2015, but this will be precluded by a major cut of 37% in 2018.

These HFC’s also include refrigerants used as “drop in” replacements for R22, e.g. R434A, R422D & R438A.

Seward Refrigeration aims to provide a choice of refrigerants to suit client’s applications and preference, including natural, environmentally friendly options ammonia and CO2, which offer long term sustainability. New lower GWP HFO refrigerants are now available such as R449A (Opteon XP40), which can be used in new, or to retrofit existing systems operating on R404A and R507.
Whether to retrofit or replace with new equipment and what refrigerant to use will always be a compromise of suitability, availability, cost, and life cycle.

Seward Refrigeration’s main priority is keeping our clients up to date with current Fgas regulations providing them with technical support and the best possible solution for their long-term needs within their budget. 

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