Energy Efficiency

Seward Refrigeration are dedicated industrial refrigeration design engineers with an obligation to provide all of our clients with systems that will provide the maximum refrigeration capacity with the minimum amount of absorbed power.

With decades of steadfast enthusiasm we are now one of the forefront leaders for designing and installing industrial refrigeration systems that now incorporate all of the power saving advantages that have been gained through many years of our successful UK and global installations, including all of the following features.

  • Selection of either piston or screw compressors for particular applications
  • Inverter driven compressors designed to provide the ultimate power control combined with pinpoint suction temperature accuracy
  • Inverter driven fans, process pumps and EC fans to provide considerable energy savings
  • Optimisation of condenser operation to provide fluctuating compressor discharge pressures throughout lower ambient temperature controls
  • The ability to design a complete system irrespective of the application with particular emphasis on pipework pressure losses, static head pressure penalties, refrigerant pumping station sizing, liquid transfer systems and oil recovery schemes.
  • Provide screw or piston compressor control strategy for either single or multi compressor installations
  • Heat pumps and heat recovery systems to extract waste heat from refrigeration plant for factory heating processes
  • Complete written narratives in coordination with SCADA plant control including drawings for operator computer screen pages, compressor and condenser operation, cooler and hot gas defrost sequencing, liquid refrigerant pumping and direct expansion for the complete refrigeration system.
  • The ability to work within the guide lines of BS EN 378-1:2008+A2:2012 and the standards as detailed by the IIAR documentation

Seward are committed to offering the best solutions, the greatest efficiency, the strongest reliability, and the best service to all our clients. CALL US NOW ON 0161 724 0357