Refrigeration Consultancy

Seward Refrigeration Ltd has a vast amount of experience within the commercial and industrial refrigeration sector with over 100 years of experience in plant design alone. We can offer customers our wealth of knowledge including plant design and project management for potential installation projects.

Seward Refrigeration are currently one of the refrigeration technical consultants for a blue chip company worldwide and Since 2007 have designed, project managed and commissioned large ammonia plant installations in Europe, Argentina, Canada, China, Columbia, India and South Africa.

Seward Refrigeration has a vast amount of experience in troubleshooting underperforming refrigeration systems. With an abundance of practical and academic experience in the design, installation, service and maintenance of industrial refrigeration plant we can identify the causes of poor system performance and provide practical solutions on rectifying them, providing optimum system efficiency and longevity of plant components.

Seward refrigeration have provided trouble shooting services including diagnosing and amending refrigeration plant issues all over Great Britain and since 2007 we have provided these services in Europe, Argentina, Canada, China, Columbia, India and South Africa for large ammonia plant applications, some exceeding 8000kw in refrigeration duty.

Seward are committed to offering the best solutions, the greatest efficiency, the strongest reliability, and the best service to all our clients. CALL US NOW ON 0161 724 0357