IIAR - The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration

The IIAR is an organization providing advocacy, education, standards, and information for the benefit of the ammonia refrigeration industry worldwide.

In keeping with Sewards commitment to provide the highest quality low impact systems, we have joned with the IIAR to further the use of ammonia, thereby reducing the risk of global warming.

Ammonia - Zero Global Warming

Ammonia is generally accepted as the most efficient and cost effective industrial refrigerant available, an important benefit to consumers because lower operating costs contribute to lower food prices. It has found applications in enhancing the efficiency of power generation facilities. Beyond its economic advantages, ammonia is a natural refrigerant that is environmentally benign in the atmosphere.

With heightened attention given to global warming and the extraordinary international efforts made over the past decade to reduce the use of refrigerants harmful to the environment, ammonia is well positioned to be the refrigerant of the 21st Century. Policies that encourage the expanded use of ammonia as a refrigerant would be compatible with current and emerging environmental protection and energy-efficiency goals.

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