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PLC Commissioning

14 Apr 2021

Recently two of our directors were involved in the commission of a brand-new PLC for a central ammonia glycol system at one of our customers sites. An electrical / software company replaced the old PLC, but before that our directors had meetings to ensure everything would go smoothly and to check the I/O list and discuss our recommendations for integrating different strategies to enhance the plants capabilities.  Our input and recommendations will also allow additional variables to be viewed through the SCADA system that was being installed.

The installation itself was over a long day and into the evening but by 11.00pm the operation was back up and running. There were a couple of teething problems with the software, but these were resolved promptly by the software engineer. On start-up the plant was witnessed operating at both part load and full load conditions, and a detailed watch over the plant / SCADA system was carried out, checking the control for each plant item.  The condenser set points were also lowered enabling the 2nd condenser to come online, to ensure the new control strategy was programmed correctly, ready for summer conditions.

The plant will now be monitored by the sites engineering team, and remotely via the SCADA system.

A great job done by all involved. Good preparation and attention to detail as always is key.


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