Poultry Factory - New Ammonia plant

A UK based company specialising in the production, processing, and supply of chilled poultry products awarded Seward Refrigeration Ltd the installation contract to install a new 2400kw Ammonia/glycol system. The new plant feeds an inline blast chiller, production and despatch areas, including standby capacity for future expansion on the secondary glycol side.

The plant consists of 3 x Inverter driven Grasso V1400 reciprocating compressors, each equipped with 250 kW drive motors,  sequence control, floating head pressure control,  surge vessel/pumping station, Alfa Laval pumped ammonia/glycol plate heat exchanger, 30 x evaporators, electrical control panels and 1 x Inverter driven BAC evaporative condenser. Connections have been installed on the discharge line before the condenser to incorporate a future desuperheater via monopropylene glycol and additional plate heat exchanger to raise the temperature of process water.

12,000 birds per hour enter the inline blast chiller, sizes ranging from small, medium and large, with one million birds being processed per week. In total, twenty four evaporators sit directly on to the inline blast chill conveyor system support frame. The evaporators were specifically designed for the process, including fans pitched at 45 degrees and air intake hoods for improved air flow and defrosting (Hot gas). All evaporator fans are inverter controlled and the suction pressure is closely controlled, ensuring optimum product outlet temperatures and minimal product weight loss.

The Despatch area evaporators are fed from the pumped ammonia system, with all production area coolers being fed from the secondary glycol ring main. The plant room provided was tight and not ideal, however all plant working to design with future service and maintenance taken into consideration.

The plant is controlled and monitored by an RDM PLC, complete with 3G modem facility allowing Seward Refrigeration to monitor and control the plant from our offices as requested by the client. Any potential alarms are raised by email and text message informing our service department and sites engineering team.


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