Deep chilled storage area (Propane chillers)

Seward Refrigeration were awarded the installation contract to supply, install and commission a 275kw glycol system for a deep chilled storage area operating at -5°C (New factory extension). Installed were two SABLight A260-1 packaged propane chillers manufactured by Sabroe, each chiller has a capacity of 150.8 kW supplying 40% Monopropylene glycol to 5 off ceiling mounted evaporators.

Sabroe SABLight chiller


SABLight A260-1

Cooling capacity

150.8kw each

Full load shaft power


Primary Refrigerant


Process medium

40% Monopropylene glycol

Medium inlet


Medium outlet



The chillers utilise a direct expansion R290 circuit, incorporating the latest high efficiency plate heat exchanger technology. The units each have a single variable speed, semi-hermetic screw compressor and come complete with air cooled condenser that is fitted with efficient variable speed EC fans. Furthermore, efficiency is assured with floating head pressure permitting a minimum pressure of 25°C.

The Sabroe SABLight units operate with a low refrigerant charge complete with:

  • VSD drive on compressor
  • VSD drive on all fans (condenser)
  • Gas detector kit built into unit, including standard ventilator

There are run & standby secondary glycol pumps (Cooling/ heating) all inverter driven for maximum efficiency feeding five ceiling mounted evaporators. Each cooler provides 55kw of cooling duty, supplying a room temperature of -5°C. Evaporator defrost is achieved by warm glycol coil and tray via a warm glycol ring main operating at +20°C. All evaporators are complete with EC fans, speed controllable, providing energy savings (minimum power consumption) and better efficiency over standard Axial fans

All plant is RDM controlled with 3G modem for monitoring purposes from our offices.


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