Ammonia / Glycol plant - Seafood Factory

Our client is a leading supplier of chilled fish to the UK retail market and we were awarded the installation project to install a new Ammonia / Glycol system to serve evaporators, an air handling unit and various processes within the production facility.

The works involved included;

  • Upgrading the AHU in the prep area to provide cooling and pressurisation to the high care factory area to +8°C.  
  • Glycol evaporators were installed in a Despatch area to maintain a temperature of 0-2°C, including future connections for an evaporator in a loading bay.
  • Two Capcold HFC units removed and added onto the glycol system along with a falling film chiller and the facility to replace all of the existing HFC units by way of isolation valves fitted to the main glycol flow and return headers (Future).

Main plant items installed were as follows;

  • 2 x Outdoor ammonia glycol chillers, each providing 484kw, supplying chilled glycol at -7°c. Both packages come complete with 1 x inverter operated, Grasso high efficiency screw compressor.
  • 1 x remote BAC CXVE evaporative condenser to reject the heat, including inverter driven fans, providing 1212kw, condensing at +32°c, +21°c wet bulb. 1 x split circuit for compressor oil cooling (Glycol).  
  • Cold glycol ring main, operating at -7°c.
  • Warm glycol ring main, reclaiming free heat for evaporator defrosting from the screw compressor oil cooling heat exchangers.
  • Inverter operated Run and standby cold and warm glycol pumps along with valve stations.
  • 1 x Inverter operated AHU for cooling and pressurisation to the high care prep area.
  • Ceiling mounted dual discharge evaporators, complete with EC fans for optimum energy savings.
  • Heat recovery for the factory to provide heated water fed from the warm glycol ring main.
  • Valves and connections to the Capcold units.
  • Valves and connections to the Falling Film Chiller.
  • Valves for future connections to replace HFC plant.
  • RDM PLC to control and monitor the plant


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