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House Keeping....

10 Feb 2021

We must all follow certain “housekeeping rules” at work, stay within the set walkways, wear your high viz jacket and safety boots, but when we are all busy, time frames to complete tasks in, you have orders to get picked and moved ready for loading onto a lorry later that afternoon or evening, well sometimes things can be forgotten about!

For example, forklifts whizzing around, well within the appropriate speed limit that is of course…but with doors locked open for “quickness” this is a recipe for a major problem.

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to industrial refrigeration. The amount of energy used will increase having that door open all the time, and therefore costs also increase (with up to 15% as a minimum) when coolers and fans are not running as efficient as they should be.  When the evaporator in your cold or chill store blocks up with ice quickly because of the level of moisture due to doors been left open by accident (or on purpose!), then we all know that the increase of that moisture then becomes the enemy!

If the evaporator isn’t working correctly, then this could lead to a costly downtime and possible loss of product. These are two things that no-one wants to happen at any cost!

Having regular maintenance planned and regular defrosts will help of course with your evaporator but we all need to work together to help save costs and the environment.

So “Shut That Door!” in the words of Larry Grayson, and you will be doing your bit to help look after the pennies and the environment.

If you would like more information and help with your industrial refrigeration needs or looking for some new environmentally friendly industrial refrigeration designs, then please drop us a line at or call us on 0161 724 0357.



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